New Innovators

Four mindsets that are changing the world. Check out the summaries and links below if you missed anything from the talk!


The most innovative companies collaborate as early as possible with their customers, co-creating and testing with them.

  • Product Hunt - Where new products are launched early and collaboration is encouraged.
  • Kickstarter - Where people launch products before they exist.
  • Yolt - ING's app to keep track of your money, launched before it has been built.
  • Lily Camera - A drone that crowd sourced $39 million of pre-orders


The most innovative companies default to open, allowing external companies to use their resources and improve their service.

  • Comma AI - An open source self driving car company.
  • Kaggle - A platform where companies open source their data challenges.
  • GE's Jet Engine Bracket Challenge - GE open sourced one of its key engineering challenges.
  • Unilever Foundry - Unilever's Open innovation platform, where they open a number of their key challenges.
  • TFL API - Transport for London open their data sources for external developers.
  • Tube Train Visual - Amazing example of what a developer has done with the TFL data.
  • Formation of Love - A Facebook open experiment about sentiment and relationships.


The most innovative companies are not afraid to fail and take an experimental approach to new ideas. Failing small and fast allows them to constantly try new ideas out.


The most innovative companies have a hacking mindset at their core. Rather than relying on traditional methods, the hacking mindset encourages people to think unconventionally to get the job done.